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I know from experience that when your skin is out of sorts - sore, dry, itchy, red, flaky, blemished or inflamed, nothing feels right. Few people understand just how debilitating skin problems can be, or how miserable and self-conscious they can make the sufferer.

But the good news is that nutritional therapy can do so much to restore the health, balance and beauty of your skin, and I'd like to help.

"I suffered terribly with eczema as a child. Back then, there wasn't much in the way of research, knowledge or resources available for sufferers and their families. People just weren't aware of the links between what you ate, how you lived, and the health of your skin. The standard treatment for most cases of eczema was, and in fact still is, steroid cream, emulsifying ointment and bandages.While the severity of my eczema would fluctuate, at times I was covered from head to toe. My parents felt helpless, I felt miserable and desperately self-conscious." 

I'm lucky that my story had a happy ending - as I grew older, the eczema receded gradually, but it was when I began experimenting with my diet and ditched the conventional creams that the magic really happened. Cutting out foods that I hadn't realised I'd been reacting to meant that my skin finally healed and the eczema was under control. I also found natural, chemical-free skincare products, designed to support the health of the skin and allow it to heal naturally. It took time and dedication, but my skin has now been clear, soft and healthy for many years. There's no doubt I still need to be careful, I've learnt that eczema sufferers need to work harder to keep the moisture levels and barrier function of the skin in tact. My skin is still sensitive, especially on my hands, which are the last part of me prone to occasional flare ups; in fact I see them as a barometer that tells me if something isn't quite right in my system, and this allows me to take measures to restore balance.


I really do know firsthand what it feels like to experience skin problems and the way it knocks your confidence. My experience has made me passionate about helping other people dealing with skin complaints, eczema or otherwise. Over the years, as well as learning what works for me, I've helped many clients get to the bottom of their skin triggers, exploring the factors that can disrupt skin health and what needs to be done to restore healthy skin, so they can face the world with confidence.

Skin conditions

Eczema is just one of many conditions or problems that can affect the skin. Others include psoriasis, rosacea, allergic rashes, acne, premature ageing, dullness or persistent dryness. For all, the solution is more than skin deep. While external measures, such as choosing the right creams and avoiding products with irritating ingredients play a part in eczema resolution and management, it's important to seek out underlying factors and correct imbalances. These may include:

  • Food sensitivity reactions

  • Raised inflammation

  • Digestive problems like yeast overgrowth, SIBO or leaky gut

  • Nutrient deficiency or essential fatty acid imbalance

  • Hormone imbalance

  • Histamine intolerance

  • Stress

How nutritional therapy can help

Nutritional therapy is based on the premise that, given the right conditions, your body is designed to heal. It also appreciates that you are a unique individual and your experience and symptoms, as well as your triggers and underlying causes, may be very different from someone else presenting with the same problem.

The nutritional therapy process allows time for you to talk through your health concerns and symptoms, past and present, as well as identifying your goals. Your diet will be analysed and careful questioning and gathering of important information about your health helps pinpoint factors that may be contributing to your symptoms, such as food intolerance, digestive problems, nutritional imbalance, stress or external irritants. If anything needs to be investigated more closely, functional laboratory testing may be recommended to investigate biochemical imbalances within the body that might be at play, such as digestive issues, nutrient deficiencies or hormone imbalance.


Your personalised plan, tailored to you, will give you the clear information and advice you need to get started on your path towards clearer skin and better health. Follow up appointments help support you, check your progress, discuss any testing that may have been carried out and allow for amendments to be made if necessary.

How I work

I work from a functional medicine and naturopathic perspective, looking at the body as a whole and appreciating the complex interplay between all bodily systems. I also respect the incredible uniqueness of each individual, both in their biochemistry and their day to day routines and circumstances. This means that any advice or recommendations that I make are done so in a way to be useful, achievable and realistic. The pace must be right for each individual, and step by step is often better for long term success than an all-in, cold turkey approach.


I work in collaboration with my clients, it is a partnership and one that requires a commitment, a willingness to change and a readiness to move forward into health and vitality.


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