Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is a hands-on, gentle and effective practice that combines understandings and techniques from holistic disciplines such as acupuncture, kinesiology, and qi gong.


While conventional medicine focuses on the biochemistry of the physical body, Energy Medicine works with the energy fields of the body, which are just as important, and when disorganised can impact health in many ways.

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine is an effective way of gently and non-invasively assessing, balancing and restoring the health of the energy systems of the body, such as meridians, chakras and the aura. It uses a combination of muscle testing, corrective exercises and bodywork, plus tapping, massaging or connecting specific energy points (acupoints). It combines ancient concepts rooted in Chinese medicine, alongside a more modern understanding of healing. Energy Medicine creates space in the body, allowing energy to move in specific, characteristic patterns, restoring balance and harmony. It can also be used to test for and overcome reactions to foods and other substances, as well as suitability of supplements.

Energy Medicine empowers the client to take an active part in their healthcare. I like to educate my clients so they understand more about their energy patterns, and I always recommend self care exercises to complete between sessions to prolong the benefits and help to create and nurture a lasting relationship with their energy body. ​I am a certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioner, and regularly take part in further training with Prune Harris.

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