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Emma Rushe (BSc Nutr Med, EEM-CP) is an experienced nutritionist and natural health practitioner, writer and recipe creator with a passion for educating and inspiring people to understand, respect and care for their amazing bodies in all their uniqueness, and take back control of what they need to do to get healthy and stay healthy.


Emma has also co-founded the successful independent health magazine, Walnut, which she publishes with her husband. 

Emma says...

My journey with health began in childhood, with persistent eczema, followed by migraines and an autoimmune condition that developed during my teens and twenties. It became clear that what I ate had an impact on how I looked, felt and how my skin behaved, and the beneficial changes I made to my diet led to profound health and symptom improvements. Spurred on by this, I completed a diploma and a degree in nutritional medicine, and took part in some functional medicine training, which both deepened my knowledge and enabled me to help others looking for a more natural way to connect to their health and manage their health conditions.

After 10 happy years working as a nutritional therapist, my experience and love of health and food, along with my husband's talent as a graphic designer, saw us set up an independent health and food magazine called Walnut.


Walnut celebrates and promotes healthy living, healthy eating and all the wonderful ethical food producers and natural health pioneers trying to do things differently. Our goal is to not only showcase lots of delicious, healthy recipes and innovative producers, but also to inspire our readers and educate them with relevant, up to date information to really help them understand and care for their bodies, and how, with the right information and some easy changes, they can take control of their health and feel better in every way.


I now spend most of my time writing for and running Walnut, contributing to other magazines, blogs and health courses, and I'm very honoured to be part of the team working with energy expert, Prune Harris


I do still occasionally see clients when time allows, and as well as giving nutritional guidance, I am also qualified as an Energy Medicine practitioner, a practice rooted in Chinese medicine that works with the incredible energy systems of the body to restore health and balance. 

I'm very lucky to live in a beautiful part of the country, near to the coast in south Devon, and I love getting out in nature to enjoy the plants, scenery, beaches, creativity and wonderful food this area brings. When I'm not out and about or working, I can often be found in my garden or kitchen! I am a real foodie, I love growing food, cooking and creating delicious and healthy dishes for my family, friends and clients.


I regularly attend further training courses to keep my knowledge and skills up to date. I am a member of the professional bodies BANT, NTC, CHNC and fully covered by insurance.

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